tokeloshe: a giant nerdface's selling journal. (tokeloshe) wrote in michikids,
tokeloshe: a giant nerdface's selling journal.

Selling a bunch of stuff in this journal!

Okay. This is a selling journal. I live in Wyandotte and I just kind of... want to get rid of all this stuff, really. There are a lot of video games, anime, manga, DVDs, and a crapton of CDs (though I may choose to part with more soon). I'm willing to cut you a deal if you live in the area and I'm available almost any hour for pick-ups or whatever.

I also have a really nice Stella McCartney LeSportsac purse--with tags still on it (it was a birthday gift that I'm just not digging). It's retailed for $325 and and I'm asking $125 or best offer--trades accepted.

So help me out, people. If you know anyone that might be interested in any of this stuff, please pass the word onto them!
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