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[03 Feb 2010|07:41pm]

Selling a bunch of stuff.


Element Records – Drug Free Youth (XL, Yellow)
Buried Alive – 1999 Summer Tour Shirt (M, Black)
Glassjaw – GJ (S, Red)
Peta2 – Want Fries With That (S, Black)


Neighborhood Threat – The Nomad Sessions
As Good As Dead – Just One Of Those Years (15/100)
Mad Minds – Demo 08 (First Show Press 15/30)
Through Thick and Thin – Demo (Ex members of Jailbreak, Coalition, Varsity, In the Red. Current members of Hawk I, Viking, Gypsy, Rzl Dzl, Build and Destroy, Cold World)

CD Demo’s:

Wait In Vain – 2005 Demo
Comrade Kilkin – Preface EP/2004 Demo
Barricade – 2005 Demo
In the Red – 2002 Demo
Thrashin In the Streets – Night of the Living Shred 2005
Grow Up! – 2005 Demo
Grow Up! – Second Demo 2006?
Looking Up – 2005 Demo (51/100)
Blackbirds – 2 song Demo from upcoming 7” 2006 (25/30)
Trying Times – Still Searching EP/The Relocation Demo 2007
The Detroit Birds – 2006 Demo
Hammer Bros – 2004 Demo
Legit – In Defeat 2005 Demo/EP
The Stand – 2004 Demo
xBrainiax – Disgrace to the Corpse of Eric Wood (7” + comp tracks, 36 songs total) 2006
Death In Custody – Demo
Generations – 2006 Demo
In Battle Array – Fatal Fist Fuck 2005 Demo
Blueprint 76 – 2 song demo 2002
Deathskin Razors – 2007 Demo
Hostage Calm – 2007 Demo
This Time Tomorrow – 2005 Demo
Brothers – 2006 Demo
Frank White – 2006 Demo
Set Sail – 2007 Demo (19/40)
Tall Ships – 2007 Demo
Mad Minds – 2008 Demo
Ghetto/Warfare – Word?/Word! 2008 Demo/EP
Soul Control – 2007 Demo
Resolve – Summer 2008 Demo
To the Lions – 2005 Demo
Stranger On A Train – 2006 Demo
Ambitions – No Limits Demo 2005
Terror – 2002 Demo
Written With Blood – 2007 Demo
Spitting Cobra – 2 song promo demo for their 7” 2006
Lion Of Judah – Demo 2004

CD EP’s:

Comrade Kilkin/Omission – Split
Brothers – Tragedy EP (1st Press, 10/100)
Forever Changed – The Existence EP
The Beastie Boys – Aglio E Olio EP
Saves the Day – Bug Sessions Vol. 1 (Acoustic EP)
Dead Hearts – Self Titled (s/t EP + The Words You Betray Demo)
No Roses – Hell Or High Water EP
Boysetsfire – This Crying, This Screaming, My Voice Is Being Born EP (First Pressing. Red Cover/Paper Sleeve with Alternate Booklet) (Magic Bullet/Rosepetal dual release)


Millencolin – Machine 15
Protagonist – The Chronicle
The Kinison – What Are You Listening To?
Scatter the Ashes – Devout/The Modern Hymn
Rufio – The Comfort Of Home (Promo Copy)
MXPX – Panic (Promo Copy)
Various – Revelation Records 110th Release Compilation

Seven Inches:

Himsa – Flood the Market/Blackout (Black)
Vision Of Disorder – Resurrecting Reality (Black)
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. Picture Disk
Shai Hulud – Crush ‘Em All Split with Boysetsfire (Metallica covers) (Black)
Blood Red – Bad To Worse (Ex Silent Majority, Inside. Current Capital) (White)
Brothers Keeper/By the Grace of God – Split that came with Issue $12 of I Stand Alone Zine (Suicidal Tendencies and Black Sabbath covers) (Black)
Elliott/Sunday Evening Dinner Club/Kid Dynamite – Split that came with Issue #5 of I Stand Alone Zine (Endpoint, Moondog, Dead Kennedy’s and Minor Threat covers) (Black)
Stretch Arm Strong/Disciple – Split. Not sure which Issue of I Stand Alone this came with nor do I know which covers are on it. (Black)
Dangers – Self Titled
Die Young – Loss (Tour Pressing Summer 2008 66/100) (Black Splatter)
Religious As Fuck – Kings Of Gainesville (Black)
Sirens – Long Distance Calling (Gray Splatter)
Today and Everything After – Self Titled (Green/Yellow)
Instilled – Unfinished Business (Red)
Cave In – Split With Children (Black)
Boiling Over – Trash City
Not Sorry – Moving On


Shai Hulud – That Within Blood Ill-Tempered (Picture Disk)
Ottawa/Jihad – Split (Black)
How We Are – To Teach A Hundred And One (Includes their final recorded song which appears nowhere else and comes with alternate “Chung King” cover art.) (Black)
Dead Kennedy’s – Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (Black)


Weezer – Video Capture Device
Hellfest 2003
Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza – The Complete Collection
Skate and Surf Fest 2004
Rage Against the Machine – Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium (Last Show) + Set at Democratic National Convention 2000.


Verse – From Anger and Rage Promo
The Risk Taken – End Commence Promo
The Suicide Machines – Steal This Record Promo
Ambitions – Question Promo
This Day Forward – In Response Promo
Marigold – Audible to Animals Promo
Explosions In the Sky – How Strange Innocence Promo
Moneen – Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? Promo
Weezer – Alternative Press Cover 2002
Weezer – Green Album Cover Art
Weezer – Super Heroes
NOFX – Group Shot with all the full lengths pictured through Pump Up the Valium
NOFX – Pump Up the Valium Promo
Less Than Jake – Vans Warped Tour Group Shot
Less Than Jake – Goodbye Blue and White Promo
Less Than Jake – Group Polaroid Shot
Less Than Jake – Borders and Boundaries Promo
This Is Hell – S/T EP Promo
Death Is Not Glamorous – Promo for their EP on State of Mind
Modern Life Is War - Midnight In America Promo
A Wilhelm Scream – Ruiner Promo (Double Sided)
Stretch Arm Strong – Free At Last Promo
Cipher – Children Of Gods Fire Promo
The Get Up Kids - Live at the Granada Theatre Promo (Double Sided)

If you would like pics of anything let me know. Please contact me at vanzguyz00@Hotmail.com if you're interested in anything.
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[19 Dec 2009|11:06am]


abgodcomplex.blogspot.com - contains all lyrics for The God Complex record as well as highly extensive discussion and analysis of each songs meanings, inspirations and references.
panicrecords.net/anotherbreath - Buy God Complex! Awesome pre-order packages that include posters, screen printed covers for vinyl and a t-shirt.

Alert demo - http://www.filestube.com/df85b283a6fd732d03ea,g/Alert-Demo-2008.html
Outlast demo - http://www.mediafire.com/?bi3nmwkdmyn
Like Wolves demo - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QUVKBIC0
Like Wolves new EP "Paths" available here: http://www.likewolves.bigcartel.com

[12 Apr 2009|11:57pm]

August 2 @ DTE Energy Music Theatre

Jason Webley in South Haven next week! [01 Apr 2009|05:18pm]

I'm writing to let all of you know that Jason Webley will be stopping through South Haven while on his nationwide tour. He is absolutely one of my favorite musicians and puts on one hell of a fun show! He tours regularly with the Dresden Dolls and Margaret Cho did a hilarious burlesque number, with him playing live, to one of my favorite songs, "Dance While the Sky Crashes Down".

some videos:

Here's more info on him:

Seattle, WA - In the Spring of 1998 Jason Webley quit his day job, picked up his accordion, and hopped onto a Greyhound bus with the intention of playing in the streets until his money ran out. Nearly ten years, five albums and over a dozen countries later, Webley is still rambling across state lines and howling at the tomato moon. Along the way, Webley has garnered devoted fans everywhere from Moscow to Mexico City. Webley appears like a back alley prophet in layers of baggy clothes, a trench coat and an old porkpie hat; he leaps onto stages, window ledges and bartops, feverishly pumping the bellows and stomping out the beat while roaring and whispering in his passionate, gravelly baritone. His music- a mix of gypsy, folk and punk- traverses age and social background, drawing grandparents, children, punks, drunks, and lovers into the fold. As a Seattle Weekly critic observed, "sixteen-year-old Goths, parents with little kids, aging hippies and fellow musicians- all can be seen at his concerts." Webley's shows are often much more than musical events. Stories, puppet shows and sing-alongs fill the spaces between songs. In one moment, spellbound by Webley's lyrical verse and mysterious air, the audience will be so quiet you can hear a feather fall; in the next, the entire room will erupt into a giant tickle fight. Playful abandon and childlike frivolity are contagious. Everyone laughs. Some people cry. And, almost every show ends with the entire audience, swaying arm-in-arm, singing at the top of their lungs.

He'll be at Foundry Hall in South Haven next Thursday, April 9th. The show starts at 7:30pm and is only $7.00 to get in. The opening number will be The Deep Fried Pickle Project.

I'd reallllly love to have a ton of people there to show him the welcome he deserves!

If you plan to drive over from this side of Michigan, let me know.... perhaps we can carpool or caravan it :)

[23 Mar 2009|03:43pm]


4210 Trumbull St
Detroit MI
Doors at 7:30
Bands start at 8:00

Ribbons of Song (Opened up for Anathallo 2/27)
Cotton Lilly (Interesting instruments)
Beasts of England (Very talented)
Illy Mack (Will shake your soul)
Elysiun Fields (new and fantastic)
Sunlight Ascending (Featured in Real Detroit, I think 2 weeks ago)

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Selling a bunch of stuff in this journal! [16 Mar 2009|06:38pm]

Okay. This is a selling journal. I live in Wyandotte and I just kind of... want to get rid of all this stuff, really. There are a lot of video games, anime, manga, DVDs, and a crapton of CDs (though I may choose to part with more soon). I'm willing to cut you a deal if you live in the area and I'm available almost any hour for pick-ups or whatever.

I also have a really nice Stella McCartney LeSportsac purse--with tags still on it (it was a birthday gift that I'm just not digging). It's retailed for $325 and and I'm asking $125 or best offer--trades accepted.

So help me out, people. If you know anyone that might be interested in any of this stuff, please pass the word onto them!

helloo... [10 Dec 2008|02:39pm]

I'm new to live journal and I'm just trying to get myself out there!
And I'm looking to get some new, great clients in my salon... 
If your willing just let me know!

So you can see some of my work...this pretty lady is my complete muse...

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[10 Dec 2008|09:59am]



It's our tour kick-off, so please come out! you can buy tickets from ticketmaster!


shows!! [16 Apr 2008|08:49pm]

show tomorrow at alvins!

and one on saturday in flint!


empire! empire! shows! [14 Mar 2008|04:17pm]

empire! empire! has some sweet shows this weekend!

come check them pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

we have brand new shirts and hoodies!




ATAVAN has a facebook!!! [03 Mar 2008|12:18pm]

Everyone with a facebook should go check it out and be our fan!!

here is the link to see the page, dont forget you have to be logged in to view the page!

Also don't forget these fun things:
-We are posting a new song this coming friday night on our purevolume.
-We have a super rad awesome sweet show coming up on 3/11 with Just Surrender.
-We love comments.... and you!.


Special Rate this Saturday @ Boundless studio [13 Feb 2008|10:38am]
Most of this month is booked up, but I do have an opening I want to fill for this Saturday. If your band is looking to record I will do a special rate of 100.00 for a 10 hour day. Normal rate is 15.00 per hour or 120.00 per 10 hour day. If you use less than 10 hours normally you are charged at the 15.00 per hour rate, but I will charge you 10.00 per hour.

I'm looking for bands who want to do a full day. *This does not apply to bands who already have future dates booked.


*New Audio can be emailed to you at your request. Some of the bands do now wish for samples to be put up until a later time.

[04 Feb 2008|03:59pm]


From absolutepunk.net:


Every Time I Die, From First to Last, The Bled and The Human Abstract, all from this year’s Take Action! Tour, will invade the Twelve Oaks Mall Hot Topic at 27520 Novi Road, Novi, MI 48377 on Wednesday, February 13th at 6:00 PM. So, ya wanna meet ‘em? Beginning Monday, February 4th, purchase the Change! Compilation CD/DVD, or purchase a CD or a T-Shirt from Every Time I Die, From First to Last, The Bled or The Human Abstract at the Twelve Oaks Hot Topic location and receive a wristband that guarantees priority placement in line to meet the bands from the Take Action! Tour. For more information, call the Twelve Oaks Mall Hot Topic at 248-449-7030.

Limit one wristband and one autograph per person. Space is limited. No cameras will be allowed. Signing is open to the public. No purchase necessary.

Even if you don't like the bands come out and support an amazing cause! This years Take Action! Tour will benefit the not-for-profit  organization "Do Something". 10% of all ticket sales and 5% of the Take Action Tour compliation will go directly to Do Something.

(information taken from 
www.takeactiontour.com and www.absolutepunk.net ) 

Sat Feb 02, 2008 Free Show @ UFO Factory | Lambsbread (Ohio) & Demons (feat Nate Young of Wolf Eyes) [30 Jan 2008|05:31am]

"Free Hardcore" Ohio band Lambsbread is playing a FREE show this Saturday with DEMONS (Feat Nate Young of Wolf Eyes, SICK LLAMA / APPLECIRCUS. Lambsbread has toured all over Europe and are a hot and upcoming band.

Lambsbread Live in Boston, Taxachusetts:

Saturday Feb 02, 2008
at 9:00 PM

Detroit, MI 48207
United States
Directions on how to get in the building (The entrance is the back alley)

Sunday January 27th: Dan Deacon's Ultimate Experience @ Scrummage University [23 Jan 2008|03:49pm]

This Sunday, Dan Deacon performs live with two drummers alongside a psyched-out Schwartzenegger-inspired video created by Jimmy Joe Roche. Featuring Kevin O’Meara (Video Hippos) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail) on drums. wsg Benny Stoofy (Detroit, MI) $7, doors @ 9 PM, all ages show. Click here to read more about the tour at Pitchfork Media

Scrummage University: Loft Showspace in Eastern Market

1551 Winder St. #308
Detroit, MI 48207
Click here to map this location on Google Maps

Saturday January 19th, Teeth Mountain, psychedelic from Baltimore @ Scrummage University [15 Jan 2008|10:51am]

Upcoming psychedelic show this Saturday:

Scrummage University: Loft Showspace in Eastern Market

1551 Winder St. #308
Detroit, MI 48207
Click here to map this location on Google Maps

$5, 9 PM, all ages show, people 21+ can byob.

Teeth Mountain (Baltimore, MD)
"...astonishingly heavy and bouncy drone-dance style, thick with grainy bowed cello and indebted to Indian and north African trance music—plus they use an organ in a way that ought to get them arrested for indecent exposure. Granted, my soft spot for bands that do the Theatre of Eternal Music thing is amply documented, but that just means I know how rare it is for one to get so much mileage out of it—I think it's the way the drums and percussion drag the songs out of the lotus position and onto the dance floor."--Chicago Reader

Grass Canyon (last show around here for awhile, guitar, akai headrush tape echo sim, looper pedal, loop tapes, volume swells)

Apple Circus
Music for packing up and driving into the setting sun. Jim from mountains and rainbows solo and/or with guest, dude rips it hard.

Music for heavy sinking. Melodic plane crash worship. Like turning bathroom lights on and off really fast while staring yourself in the face.

UPCOMING EMPIRE! EMPIRE! SHOWS!! [08 Jan 2008|05:55pm]

We have a lot of shows coming up! check out our shows the next two weeks! plus tomorrow there will be a new song up on our myspace!

LJ cut for our record release show flyer
Record Release ShowCollapse )

7" RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!!!!! ALL AGES!!! [01 Jan 2008|05:38pm]

We are super excited to release our brand new 7" record, and you can get the first copies at the show!!!! visit our myspace, we are unveiling a new song in 8 days!


Huge Show in Downtown Flint Tonight!!! [28 Dec 2007|11:12pm]

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